Derby City Game Calls
  • Our Mission Here at DCC

    Quality Hardwoods lead to quality game calls. Here at Derby City Game Calls, we have instrument grade hardwood that allows us to make exceptional calls. Derby City has the advantage of sharing facilities with a world renowned instrument supply company, First Quality Music. Our Pro Staff has teamed up with these professional instrument makers to design custom calls that look great and sound even better. Extensive research has been done to come up with a call you will feel confident using each time you go afield. Each call is custom built and hand tuned to perfection. Derby City uses CNC technology to produce precision game calls. We take pride in the quality and craftsmanship of our calls. Try one of our calls today, you will be glad that you chose Derby City Game Calls.
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    Send us an e-mail at: Toll Free - 800-836-5303, Local 502-365-5022 Jeff @ 502.386.3031 or Jim at: 502-681-2866
Derby City Game Calls