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oldgrowthstriker Strikers

When using a friction call, every turkey hunter knows that the striker makes all the difference in attracting and maintaining the interest of an old tom.  There are plenty of great strikers on the market today.  However, not all strikers are created equal.  We have a striker that is available only through Derby City.  Derby City is home to the Old Growth Striker.  This striker is made from 500 year old maple flooring that was salvaged from an 1860’s factory in Wisconsin.  The trees that were used to make the flooring of that factory date back to the early 1500’s.  Derby City’s Old Growth Striker is a very dense hardwood.  The versatility of this striker is amazing.  Hunters can amp up their calling with this striker.  It allows the hunter to get loud with aggressive yelps and clucks.  The cutting of an excited hen is easy to produce with this striker.  Soft purrs and clucks are effortless with the Old Growth Striker.

If you do not have an Old Growth Striker in your turkey vest, you are at a competitive disadvantage.  This is the one striker that can tip the odds in your favor.  Hold a little piece of history in your hands today.  We think you will agree, the Old Growth Striker is the best on the market today.

Every turkey hunter needs an Old Growth Striker…Period.


Derby City Game Calls